First project from free code camp

Tribute to a local business
Tribute to a local business

After finishing up the OmniFood site with Jonas Schmedtmann,  I went directly into Rob Percival’s complete web developer course on Udemy until I got snagged during the recreation of the BBC website lecture and drove me insane! Instead of throwing my laptop through a window and a foot through my TV, I decided to continue my studies on

It was a much-needed change from just staring at a screen and copying the video.  One cool thing about free code camp was that it didn’t feel like they were holding my hand through the challenges and that the challenges actually felt like challenges.  I finally got through them and reached this project.

The project has me making a tribute page to whatever I wanted.  I chose a local business and rolled with it.  I used some of the same effects from the OmniFood site and implemented them into the tribute page.

This was my first project where I didn’t really follow a video and copied it code for code.  One thing I got from this is that I barely know what I’m doing and I still need lots of practice with making rows and using CSS better.  I think I got syntax down pretty good but actual coding still needs a ton of work!



Finished another course on Udemy and this time around it was by Jonas Schmedtmann.  It was an excellent course! I learned a lot but still came out fairly confused but with a much better understanding of how HTML and CSS kind of work.

I learned a good amount of cool looking effects and you might see it more often in my own projects until I can tweek it enough so that it doesn’t look like I just copied it.  As good as this course was, I still feel like I was totally guided with my hand-held throughout the entire course.





First Udemy course in the bag!

This is the finished product from Edwin Diaz‘s course on Udemy.  This was an excellent introduction to HTML and CSS, he explains things fairly well and super easy to follow.


I used a zombie and a hipster Ipsum, just because it exist.

I’m not a fan of easter but I do love finding/hiding easter eggs!  I’ll try to keep up with it but the goal is to have all things that are linkable, link to somewhere interesting to me.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.33.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.34.13 PM


I can’t figure out how to make this contact page to work.  I had a couple of friends look at it but still no go.  I’m sure once I learn more on PHP and get a better handle on it, I should be able to fix it eventually.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.34.25 PM


That’s the look of it when I first launched it.  Since then I added to links to the side bar and changed the photo on my about page.