Why not give it a whirl?

As a way of keeping my motivation up, I frequent websites like JobspressoWorking Nomad, and the work-from-home section on The Penny Hoarder to see what companies are looking for and I came across a company that might actually give me a chance!

It was from SkyVerge and the position was Customer Success Specialist.  What drawn me to this was the part of the application that had me make a web page and answer a few questions.  It was basically asking me to showcase what I can do with HTML and CSS.

My whole logic with this was, “It’s the internet! Rejection on the Internet is much better than in real life!  The least that could happen is no response, so I might as well try!”

This started off as my portfolio for my FreeCodeCamp project and then turned into my application.

For this, I decided to get a bit more technical…?  Or use the visual rules that I learned like finding nice colors that fit together and I also used the website font pair to find pairs of fonts that work together.

So here it is!

Landing Page

The application had three parts and this is part 1.

I used this picture because I thought it was very weird.  Also, I enjoy hiding things and apparently they’re referred to as easter eggs.  Currently, I love parallax’s, so this landing page is a parallax.  I intended on making my navbar at the top stick through the whole thing but I forgot to do it, so that’s a future fix!


Part 2 was a little info about myself.  I thought maybe I could some animation in this section.  At first, I tried animating all the text but for some reason, it looked like I was trying too hard.  So, I just decided on just animating the first question and answer.  I was pretty proud of myself for my first original idea, which was making my answer appear when you hover your mouse over the blank area but I figured it was too much to do to figure it out.  Not that I’m saying people are too dense to figure it out but I thought maybe an application isn’t a place to make possible employers hunt for the answer.



For part 3, I thought I should make it look slightly different so that the viewer and differentiate the sections.  I decided to put them all on blocks and add a drop shadow and make the background an off white.

The funny thing about this was that it took longer to answer these questions than to make the actual page.




Pencils are cool!

Just finished up Filip Kordanovski‘s course on HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.  I definitely enjoyed the course, a lot less hand holding which is always a plus for me.  This time around I felt comfortable enough to not use the project files and use my own.

I used the The Carbon Crusader because why not?


The overall course was easy to understand and follow.  I loved how he let me go on my own and figure things out which in my opinion the most useful thing I can do to cement the ideas in my head.

We got deeper into Bootstrap here and I can say that I’m getting a better understanding on how parts of Bootstrap works.  Columns are easier to deal with, moving elements around is getting better,  the little animate tricks were awesome to see again.


Got a little more familiar with making the navbar stick.  I’m starting to understand how to use color and where to place it and how to draw attention and show importance by using color.


Definitely took away a lot of valuable lessons in this course.  I’ll probably have to do a lot more things with making sites responsive because I’m still super lost.  I mean I kind of get it but not really sure how I would do it without Bootstrap?  I’m hoping it’s one of those things that come easier with time or if there’s a specific route?  Not really sure lol





Home Page

UPDATE Maddie’s page

Made a few changes on Maddie’s tribute page…

Home Page

Before I get into the changes that I have made to Maddie’s tribute page, let me tell you about a new course I started on Udemy.

I was still very confused about Bootstrap and wanted to get more comfortable with CSS.  After a little cruising, I came across Filip Kordanovski’s course on building a website using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.  So far the course is excellent!  I’m feeling confident enough to follow along with the tutorials and still be able to use my own project files.

(I’ll write another post on this project soon.)

Back to Maddie’s tribute page…

I decided to try this whole color thing out.  I had a color in mind already but wanted to use some complimentary color to play around with color schemes.  I personally, would never have thought that lavendar and mountain meadow green would have matched but according to the color scheme creating site, it does.



The style of the footer at the top of the screenshot was made all on bootstrap..?  I’m still not entirely sure how but I’m guessing Bootstrap has a bunch of pre-written code that I just need to call.

I’ve become a huge fan of the parallax? I still don’t even know what that means but all I know is that it looks super cool when you’re scrolling through one.  Just by making this adjustment, I’m starting to understand much better what exactly a div does and what it’s for.


Under construction
Under construction

This here is a much cleaned up version of the products in the first run site.  I’m using bootstrap to get them all on columns.  I think I’m getting a better handle on Bootstrap, as far as the whole “col-sm-4” stuff is concerned.  I understand the whole 12 thing.


To see what it looked like before these changes were made click here.


Tribute to a local business

First project from free code camp

Tribute to a local business
Tribute to a local business

After finishing up the OmniFood site with Jonas Schmedtmann,  I went directly into Rob Percival’s complete web developer course on Udemy until I got snagged during the recreation of the BBC website lecture and drove me insane! Instead of throwing my laptop through a window and a foot through my TV, I decided to continue my studies on freecodecamp.com.

It was a much-needed change from just staring at a screen and copying the video.  One cool thing about free code camp was that it didn’t feel like they were holding my hand through the challenges and that the challenges actually felt like challenges.  I finally got through them and reached this project.

The project has me making a tribute page to whatever I wanted.  I chose a local business and rolled with it.  I used some of the same effects from the OmniFood site and implemented them into the tribute page.

This was my first project where I didn’t really follow a video and copied it code for code.  One thing I got from this is that I barely know what I’m doing and I still need lots of practice with making rows and using CSS better.  I think I got syntax down pretty good but actual coding still needs a ton of work!





Finished another course on Udemy and this time around it was by Jonas Schmedtmann.  It was an excellent course! I learned a lot but still came out fairly confused but with a much better understanding of how HTML and CSS kind of work.

I learned a good amount of cool looking effects and you might see it more often in my own projects until I can tweek it enough so that it doesn’t look like I just copied it.  As good as this course was, I still feel like I was totally guided with my hand-held throughout the entire course.









First day

First Udemy course in the bag!

This is the finished product from Edwin Diaz‘s course on Udemy.  This was an excellent introduction to HTML and CSS, he explains things fairly well and super easy to follow.


I used a zombie and a hipster Ipsum, just because it exist.

I’m not a fan of easter but I do love finding/hiding easter eggs!  I’ll try to keep up with it but the goal is to have all things that are linkable, link to somewhere interesting to me.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.33.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.34.13 PM


I can’t figure out how to make this contact page to work.  I had a couple of friends look at it but still no go.  I’m sure once I learn more on PHP and get a better handle on it, I should be able to fix it eventually.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.34.25 PM


That’s the look of it when I first launched it.  Since then I added to links to the side bar and changed the photo on my about page.